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Reddened Gums
These gums will bleed as soon as a brush is properly applied to the teeth and gums.Clearly, this patient should know that they have bleeding gums if they brush properly.
bleeding on probing
Bleeding upon Probing
These gums don't look like they would bleed from brushing. They won't because the disease activity is further down under the gums. There is pus and bleeding upon periodontal probing
The loss, or fear of the loss, of one's teeth can be functionally and psychologically devastating for most people. Gum disease, also called "periodontitis" is the disease which causes people to lose their teeth. Periodontitis is found in greater than 50% of the adult population. Periodontitis, in its "juvenile" form may also affect the health of the gums of patients who are in their teens.

Understanding gum disease, from the patient's perspective, can be a complex issue. This website will deal with gum disease and its treatments. For an in-depth review of the Signs, Causes, Risk Factors, and Treatments of Gum Disease click on The Treatment of Gum Disease.
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1.The Treatment of Gum Disease
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2.Questions and Answers about Gum Disease
3.The Gum Disease Project Periodontists

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